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We design and manufacture components that significantly help to reduce electricity theft in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Utility Components Ltd is a young and vibrant company that is ambitious and pro active within the electricity metering industry. We design and manufacture components to significantly help the utility DNOs and suppliers combat electricity theft. Our electricity meter anti-theft products help UK electricity supply and distribution networks to reduce losses in revenue due to meter fraud.

A recently established company with big ambitions, Utility Components Ltd manufactures and supplies already proven and industry recognised products. The company was developed following a successful acquisition from its previous owners Technoparts Electrical Ltd.

We have the drive and commitment to work in partnership with the utility sector to develop our range of electrical theft protection products. We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers to look at new ways and opportunities to help secure the utility networks and protect utility suppliers’ revenues by creative innovation.

It is our aim to become the UK’s major utility providers’ preferred partner of choice; to manufacture and supply all utility providers with high quality affordable and complementary products that help them to combat electricity theft.

See how Utility Components can help you.

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Contact us for a quote or call us on 01270 877077 to discuss your electricity meter security protection needs today.


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